Dennis M. O’Leary: CO-CEO, Chairman of the Board

DarkPulse Inc.,  was founded by  Mr. Dennis M. O’Leary. After familiarizing himself with the inner workings of the system and methods, Mr O’Leary created and named the new venture DarkPulse Inc. Mr O'Leary has forged key alliances with governments, defence establishments, and strategic educational partners around the world. He is a retired NYPD Police Officer (Line of Duty) and serial entrepreneur. Mr. O’Leary is also the Founder & former Chairman of Sulu Electric Power & Light Corp (SEPALCO) a utility scale solar power firm located in the Philippines. Mr. O'Leary has extensive international business and technical knowledge and more than 20 years expertise including experience in communications and emergency command post network operations protocols. Mr O’Leary is a member of NATO NMSG.


Thomas A. Cellucci: PhD, MBA | CO-CEO and Board Member

The Hon., Dr. Tom Cellucci is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, seasoned senior executive and Board member possessing extensive corporate and Venture Capital experience across several worldwide industries. He is a turn-around artist on Wall Street and in the private sector and is the author or co-author of 25 published books and over 192 technical articles. He was the first Chief Commercialization Officer of the United States of America and has worked directly with four Presidents of the United States.


Stephen A. Goodman: CFO, JD, MBA

Mr. Stephen Goodman has over four decades of experience in the management and treasury function of both private and publicly owned companies. He earned a BS degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from New York University, and a Juris Doctor degree from William Howard Taft University.  He has been an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix, teaching finance and communications in the graduate and undergraduate schools, both online and in the classroom


Dr. Mark Banash: CTO

Before becoming CTO of DarkPulse, Dr. Banash was responsible at Nanocomp Technologies, Inc. ("NTI") for addressing one of NTI's greatest challenges with its carbon nano-materials: Proving the links between their unique nano-scale features and how those features affect their manufacturing processes, the performance of end products, and the health of both employees and the environment.

Prior to Nanocomp, Dr. Banash was the director for production and quality for the company's nanomaterial products for Zyvex Corporation, where he managed manufacturing operations and initiated the industry's first supply chain certification process to qualify carbon nanotubes. Dr. Banash also led the firm to ISO:9001 registration.


Dr. Banash holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Princeton University, an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland University College, and a B.A. with honors in chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.


David D. Singer: CMO

Mr. Singer brings over four decades of experience working with both national and international companies developing business relationships and expanding new and existing business opportunities. He also brings a wealth of proven experience working in, and with, public companies as he served as the Chairman, CEO and President of an American Stock Exchange company, as well as served in various positions in OTC companies for over 20 years.


John Avolio: Program Director of Ultra-High Sensitivity Sensor (UHSS) Programs

Mr. Avolio has served as a science and security advisor in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) and drug detection to both industry and Government. His expertise is the trace detection of narcotics, explosives, chemical weapons, and other chemical species. Mr. Avolio trained and worked closely with both technical and security personnel from US Customs, DHS, FAA/TSA, DOE, DOD, DOS, DOT, and FBI to name a few. Mr. Avolio also served on the Chemical and Biological defense-working group of SBCCOM as a member of the Improved Response Team.


Dr. Anthony Brown: Technology Advisor

Dr. Brown has more than 10 years of research and lecturing experience gained at the University of New Brunswick, focussing primarily on the development of Brillouin scattering based distributed fibre optic sensor technology. During his tenure at the university he has been instrumental in developing numerous patents in the field of fibre optic sensing. He holds a PhD in Physics and a BSc in Physics, both from the University of New Brunswick.






A distributed-fiber sensing system based on dark-pulse Brillouin scattering that reports in real-time on conditions such as temperature, stress, strain and load.

·       Real-time:  Higher data acquisition speeds allow for the structural health  and monitoring of dynamic parts

·       Cost:  Significantly lower acquisition & operating costs

·       Precision: 8x'S more precise and a spatial resolution 200x’s greater than any system available

·       Applications:  Wider range of capabilities with 20mm resolution

·       Power consumption:  10% of current systems - allowing off grid installations

·       Integration:  Into existing deployments –even with multiple systems

·       Central station monitoring

Historically, distributed fiber sensing systems have been limited to monitoring long term changes in the structural integrity of quasi-static environments such as roadways, bridges, tunnels, buildings and other structures susceptible to stress, strain, and exposure to the environment. DarkPulse™ technology will help leverage new applications for customers that have been unable to make use of distributed fiber optic sensing technology to date either due to costs or operational environments - while offering current users a lower cost, more robust solution.

What We Do

Offer a full suite of engineering, installation and security management solutions to industry and government.  Coupled with our patented technology, DarkPulse provides customers a comprehensive data stream of critical metrics for assessing the health and security of their infrastructure. Our comprehensive system provides for rapid, precise analysis and response activities predetermined by the end user. Coupled with our Central Station monitoring, DarkPulse can offer a true 24/7 structural health monitoring system.

Technology Summary

Current uses of fiber optic distributed sensor technology have been limited to quasi-static, long-term structural health monitoring due to the time required to obtain the data and its poor precision. DarkPulse patented sensor technologies enable the monitoring of highly dynamic environments due to its more than 200 times greater resolution and eight times greater accuracy coupled with industry leading data collection speeds of well below one second. The resulting high speed, real-time monitoring capabilities of a DarkPulse solution satisfy a broad range of existing and emerging requirements. Our process results in low production cost with increased sensing capabilities that easily integrate with existing technology; making upgrades simple and cost effective. This is why DarkPulse is a game changer in the sensing industry.