Border Security

 Image shows intrusion of 150 lb subject

Image shows intrusion of 150 lb subject

They Don't Stand A Chance...

Intrusion Detection with DarkPulse Distributed Optical Fibre Sensors

Protecting an area from intrusion requires a sensor system that can detect events at any location at any time. Generally the locations are not precisely known at installation time making point sensors a poor choice: a point sensor covers a small area and if the intrusion does not take place within that area it goes undetected.

DarkPulse's  fibre optic sensors have a clear advantage in that they cover extended areas. The same sensor can also be used in many configurations, for instance it can measure deflection of the ground caused by tunnelling or it can detect motion in a chain link fence caused by an intruder climbing.

Intrusion detection requires:

  • −  pinpoint of location of intrusion in 1 or 2 dimensions

  • −  coverage of large perimeters or areas (eg national borders)

  • −  assessment of intrusion signature (ie what is crossing the perimeter)

  • −  rapid detection (sub second)

  • −  installation in remote locations (multiple com and power options)

    Compared to other distributed sensor systems available, the Erebos sensor by DarkPulse Technologies has faster measurement times, lower cost per unit and lower power requirements making it ideal for remote installations. Coupled with our Shapesnake™ technology is excellent for measuring small deflections such as ground motion from the passage of intruders as well as tunnel detection.

    Due to the sensitive nature of our security system please contact us for additional specifications.