What is the value of seeing the health of your system in REAL TIME? 

DarkPulse's Erebus Sensing system is an integral part of any Exploration/Production  engineering and safety program.
There can be fewer workplaces which could be deemed to be as high risk in terms of health and safety than working in oil production. 
Thankfully, due to the stringent regulations in place and the expertise of the companies who are involved in the offshore industry, major catastrophes are few and far between.
When they do occur, they are extremely detrimental to both personnel and environment- as witnessed by the Deep Horizon accident.


With a DarkPulse system, critical temperature, pressure, and strain measurements are made on a continuous basis throughout the Drill String, Casing, Wellhead and Production Trees. 
Allowing for comprehensive monitoring of critical values and early warning of changes and potential problems, resulting in corrective action before an accident occurs. 
Continuous heath monitoring means additional time to react to anomalies, affording operators critical decision time to initiate corrective means as well as activate emergency plans including evacuation of personnel