DarkPulse in Final Negotiations for Deal with Another Eurasian Mining Conglomerate

New Agreement will provide 5 deployments throughout Eurasia valued at over $30M


NEW YORK, NY/ September 18, 2017 / DarkPulse Technologies, Inc. “DarkPulse” or the “Company”) is in final negotiations for a binding Letter-of-Intent with one of Eurasia’s largest steel manufacturers. The agreement includes the installation of DarkPulse’s BOTDA system into mines, dams, pipelines and perimeter security. This  new agreement will jumpstart DarkPulse’s operations throughout Eurasia and the India Subcontinent, according to a previous Company statement.

Recently, the Company announced that it had entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Bravatek Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: BVTK) or "Bravatek"), whereby Bravatek

 acts as a project-based business partner for prospective clients in the private and public sectors for DarkPulse's distributed fiber-optic sensing technology. The Company last week announced another agreement for over $107 M from a mining firm with operations throughout eastern Europe—as a result of the Company’s partnership with Bravatek.

DarkPulse is a leader in developing security and perimeter solutions, including real-time tunnel detection systems, pipeline health monitoring, aircraft component monitoring technologies and key infrastructure monitoring, which play a key role in the development of "Smart Cities." The company offers a suite of Distributed Fiber Sensing products and services, installation, and security management solutions to industry and government.

DarkPulse is in the business of manufacturing hardware and developing software solutions utilizing their patented dark-pulse system that offers rapid, accurate measurement and monitoring of critical systems, facilities, and towers.


Mr. Dennis O'Leary, CEO of DarkPulse commented: "DarkPulse continues to expand its National and Global footprint via strategic alliances and MAPS, such as our recent agreement with Bravatek Solutions, Inc. We welcome Bravatek’s continued support of our vision.”


About DarkPulse Technology Holdings, Inc.

DarkPulse Technologies, Inc. is a global technology provider in the business of manufacturing, selling, installing, servicing and monitoring systems, including hardware and software that detects changes in the structural health of infrastructure. Their security solutions enable 24/7 monitoring of perimeters and detection of tunneling along national borders.

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