Actual System Image Showing Pipe Wall Corrosion


DarkPulse sensor configurations are available for monitoring areas in and around buried or above ground pipelines that are 100 km or more in length, or for localized areas as small as 8 cm in diameter. 
The system includes our patented DARKPULSE™ system which has the capability to determine wall deformation, corrosion, pipewall thickness, pressure, strain, & temperature from sensor data collected in Real-Time.
A DarkPulse system offers multiple power sources for continuous monitoring including solar and battery which allows for off- grid installations.
The DARKPULSE™ software is also configurable to pre-set threshold values that, when reached, activate an alarm signal that is sent to DarkPulse's Central Monitoring Center (CMS). Based on the client's needs, a multitude of actions are available including dispatch of emergency work crews., unmanned vehicles, video.

What really makes DarkPulse better than any other system available- is our 20MM resolution and extremely fast processing speeds. This translates to fewer "black boxes" per installation  making a DarkPulse System cost much less than other sensor systems. Coupled with our patented resolution technology, a DarkPulse system costs 1/3 less than conventional systems while providing a 200X improvement in resolution. 
Summary of Benefits
•Real time monitoring and maintenance is possible
•Corrective action can be performed prior to pipe buckling
 Increased Productivity/Cost Savings:
•Increase Q total by 10's MBD
 •Monitor/ Display psi in Real Time
•Increase Detection of pre-buckling state of pipe section reduces risk failure
•Eliminates loss of product

•Reduced risk of buckling-induced ruptures
•Lowered risk for the environment
•DarkPulse sensors are Non-electrical
•Safe for use in flammable environments

• Eleminates Theft of Product

•Monitor areas around pipeline installations
• Track movement of humans and equipment
in close proximity of assets 

•Reduced pollution risk from buckling